A factory-built project in New York City offers a new way to dish up density without turning off renters. New York City’s first micro-unit development is shaking up the area’s rental market with tiny models that do away with notions... Read More

New York Real Estate Journal

Monadnock enlists Stage 3 Properties to introduce Common at Carmel Place

New York, NY One of the city’s first micro-unit development, Carmel Place, has officially launched leasing. Developer Monadnock Development has enlisted micro-housing specialist Stage 3 Properties, a Simon Baron Development portfolio company, to introduce Common, a housing model. Common at... Read More

The New Yorker

Are Micro-Apartments a Good Solution to the Affordable-Housing Crisis?

During a recent tour of Carmel Place, New York City’s new micro-apartment complex, Ammr Vandal, project manager for nArchitects, explained how design can generate a sense of roominess in even the smallest spaces. We were standing in the building’s three-hundred-and-two-square-foot... Read More

Western Living

Inside a Chic New York Apartment (That’s 360 Square Feet)

We find out how New York City’s first micro-unit apartment building does small so well. As rising housing prices in urban areas put the squeeze on square footage, a new generation of designers, architects and developers are learning to do more... Read More

Yahoo! News

NYC May Fit More ‘Micro’ Apartments Into Housing Picture

NEW YORK (AP) — The apartments in a new Manhattan building boast little balconies, tall ceilings, dishwashers and storage space. All in 360 square feet or less. It’s micro-living in the nation’s biggest city, and New Yorkers could be seeing... Read More