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NYC’s First Micro-Unit Building Offers Tons of Cushy Services

Leasing is now underway at Carmel Place, the city’s first micro-unit development. And if it’s not enough that you can live in these cleverly designed apartments making great use of very little space, the building also comes equipped with a residential amenities program. And it has a name: Common.

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The Common program, which has been developed by Stage 3 Properties, who specialize in micro-dwellings, and Simon Baron Development, offers a multitude of services to residents in the building. For starters, the program offers residents the option of having their apartments fully-furnished. Residents get access to a gym, a lounge, and can also use other facilities like work-spaces, swimming pools, and spas at other buildings featuring the Common service, once it has been implemented there. And maybe it’s not quite hotel service, but it will hook you up with Hello Aflred manager who can take care of services like house cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping. What’s more, residents can also use Common to find roommates and check out a host of networking and socializing events including lectures, monthly mixers, and options for group travel.

So far, the 17 market rate apartments will come furnished and designed by Common, and residents in those apartments have access to all the services provided through the Common program. Residents in the affordable units have the option to sign up for Common at an extra cost. The developers are donating the Common services to the 8 apartments set aside for veterans in the building.

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The word Common is a play on “all inclusive,” and the developers wanted to create a name that would provide a sense of community to the building. So far the Common services have also been tested out at at the Simon Baron developed AMSTRDM at 166 West 75th Street. And there are plans to introduce it more buildings as developers receive feedback from residents.

“Carmel Place is a perfect fit for Common,” Chris Bledsoe, Founding Partner of Stage 3 Properties LLC told Curbed. “With 40% of the units allocated to low and middle income New Yorkers, the message of “inclusiveness” is already an integral part of the community and the experience at the building. Additionally, the small unit sizes at Carmel Place afforded us an opportunity to demonstrate to the world that efficient units don’t inherently require a reduction in quality of life.”

The building, located at 335 East 27th Street features 55 apartments ranging from 260 square feet to 360 square feet. Forty percent of the apartments are affordable, and 8 homes feature Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH). Prices start at $2,540 per month for a 265 square foot unfurnished apartment and go up to $2,910 for a fully furnished 355-square foot apartment. The project is being developed by Monadnock Development, and has been designed by nArchitects. Residents will get to occupy the building sometime early next year.

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